Emdoka bvba was founded in 1992 with the aim to develop Drug Registration Files for Veterinary Medicinal Products in order to obtain Market Authorizations in the territory of Belgium. Throughout the years, the company’s target has steadily expanded far beyond the Belgian borders, actually resulting in Market Authorizations for Veterinary Medicinal Products all over- and even outside the European continent. Emdoka bvba has wide experience in veterinary drug registration on national and international level and employs an experienced team that has finalized several national, Decentralised (DCP) and Centralized (CP) procedures.

Already from the early beginning, it was the company’s distinct aim to invest in the development and registration of its own veterinary pharmaceutical product line, leaving the distribution in the hands of carefully selected distributors. This particular vision, together with the constant new investments in research and development in its own laboratory paid off, resulting in an ample and still extending portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Emdoka’s steady growth is based on both the level of differentiation of its products as well as on the expansion of its territories.


Emdoka’s product range covers different categories of active substances for a variety of species.


Sterile pharmaceutical solutions and suspensions in glass or plastic multi dose vials.

Oral use

Oral powders, tablets, solutions and premixes for livestock and pets.

Intramammary/Local use

Ointments, sprays, solutions and suspensions for local administration.

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