Florgane® 300 mg/ml

Suspension for injection


Florfenicol 300 mg – Excipients q.s. ad 1 ml.

Pharmacotherapeutic category

Antibacterial for systemic use (amphenicols).


Florfenicol acts by inhibiting of protein synthesis at the ribosomal level. It is a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic effective against most Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria isolated from domestic animals. After one single IM administration of Florgane® at 30 mg/kg in cattle and 22.5 mg/kg in pigs, florfenicol is very well absorbed from the injection site and shows slow elimination characteristics with a prolonged therapeutical action.


Metaphylactic and therapeutic treatment of respiratory tract infections in cattle caused by florfenicol susceptible Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni. Treatment of acute outbreaks of respiratory disease in pigs caused by strains of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and P. multocida susceptible to florfenicol.

Dosage, route and method of administration

One single IM injection of 30 mg florfenicol per kg BW (1 ml/10 kg BW) in cattle and of 22.5 mg florfenicol per kg BW (0.75 ml/10 kg BW) in pigs.


3 years.


Vials of 100, 250 or 500 ml.
Carton with 1, 6 or 12 vials.

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