Emdofluxin 50 mg/ml

Solution for injection


Flunixin meglumine eq. Flunixin 50 mg – Excipients q.s. ad 1 ml.

Pharmacotherapeutic category

Antiinflammatory and antirheumatic products (non-steroids).


Flunixin meglumine is a very potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with analgesic and antipyretic properties in addition. It inhibits the in vivo synthesis of mediators of the inflammatory process, such as i.a.: prostaglandins, prostacyclins and thromboxanes. In this regard, flunixin meglumine is 4-times more potent than phenylbutazon. It is also suitable in the supportive therapy of different kinds of infections going along with systemic or local toxin reactions.


Symptomatic treatment of inflammations, pain and fever, such as for instance in case of locomotor disorders. As supportive therapy of:

  • systemic and local endotoxin reactions occurring in different kinds of infections such as respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections and mastitis in cattle.
  • Colic, post-surgical analgesia and shock prophylaxis in horses.
  • MMA Syndrome in pigs.
  • Post-surgical analgesia in dogs.

Dosage, route and method of administration

IV, IM or SC injection: 1.1 – 2.2 mg flunixin per kg BW (1 to 2 ml per 45 kg BW). Frequency and duration of administration depends on animal species and indication (max. 5 days).


3 years.


Vials of 50 ml, 100 ml or 250 ml.
Carton with 1, 6 or 12 vials.

The trade name and/or the specifications of the product (target animal species, indications, dosage and administration, precautions and warnings, etc.) may differ from country to country. Please contact us for further information.

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